Representing & Supporting Shetland’s Fishermen

Association donates copies of popular yearbook to Shetland schools
March 22nd 2017

SFA executive officer Simon Collins with pupils from Bell’s Brae Primary School.
SFA executive officer Simon Collins with pupils from Bell’s Brae Primary School.
Shetland Fishermen’s Association has donated copies of its popular yearbooks to all schools in the islands.

Two editions of the books, which give an accessible round-up of activity within the industry, have now been published – 2016 and 2017 – and a third is in the pipeline.

Simon Collins, executive officer of the Shetland Fishermen’s Association, said: “We’re delighted to be able to donate copies of these excellent books to all schools in Shetland.

“They are extremely readable and non-technical, so will be ideal for the current generation of children growing up in a community that has been dependent upon fishing for thousands of years.

“Hopefully it will also give some of those pupils an insight into the career opportunities that the industry offers.

“The industry needs bright, energetic and committed people to help it flourish and perhaps half an hour in the school library with one of these books will convince someone that it’s right for them.”

Shona Thompson, SIC’s executive manager – schools, said: “These will be valuable resources to have in schools for all pupils.

“I would hope that they would encourage more young folk to enter the seafood industry when they leave school. There are any number of career opportunities available – fish catching, farming, processing as well as sales, marketing, engineering etc.

“The seafood industry is the most important contributor to our local economy, and its future will depend on our young folk. These resources will certainly help to increase the profile of the industry in schools.”

Copies of the yearbooks are available here: