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SFA urges rethink on Faroese mackerel deal
November 10th 2014

Shetland Fishermen’s Association is demanding that the EU and Norway tear up the deal which awarded a huge increase in mackerel quota to Faroe.

Agreement was reached between EU-Norway and Faroe in March this year to allow Faroese boats to catch mackerel which they claimed was now abundant in their own waters.

However since the start of the current mackerel season the majority of the Faroese fleet has been catching mackerel around Shetland and returning to Faroe to land.

Simon Collins, executive officer of Shetland Fishermen’s Association, said: “The mackerel deal was deeply offensive to pelagic fishermen here in Shetland. It was based on the fiction that the seas around Faroe were awash with mackerel.

“Over the past two months we have seen most of the Faroese fleet very close to Shetland’s shores catching mackerel – proof if it were required that the deal was reached on an entirely false premise.

“It’s time for the EU and Norway to tear up this agreement and negotiate a deal on proper foundations.”

Mr Collins added: “If anyone deserved an increase in their share of quota it was Shetland, given the abundance of mackerel around our shores.”