Representing & Supporting Shetland’s Fishermen

SFPO proud to sponsor Fireball European Championships
August 6th 2014

Shetland Fish Producers’ Organisation was one of the sponsors of the successful 2014 Fireball European Championships held in the islands last week.

Despite mist and light winds making for a slow start to the week-long programme of races in Breiwick featuring boats from Shetland, Scotland, England, Ireland, the Czech Republic and Switzerland, Andrew Davies, secretary of Fireball International, described the event as wonderful.

SFPO sponsored the bright orange marker buoys in the sailing area to the south of the Knab.

Chief executive Brian Isbister said: “We were delighted to be one of the sponsors of the Fireball European Championships.

“It was good to see so many boats here given how far most crews had to travel with their gear – it made for some exciting sailing.”